Ladbrokes Mobile Review

Ladbrokes Mobile is the mobile branch of the famous English bookmaker Ladbrokes. They have been active in the gambling industry for over 100 years, now. Their first betting office dates back to 1886 in Ladbroke Hill / Worcestershire. Ever since, Ladbokes evolved into one of the biggest stock listed bookmakers, worldwide.

Today, Ladbrokes has more than 2.700 betting offices, all over Great Britain, Ireland and Belgium. Their online presence is similarly successful. Having more than 4.5 million customers, they are one of the most successful bookmakers of the world.

One of the main reasons for their ongoing success is based on their gigantic range of offered bets and very good odds.

Another reason could be the fact that Ladbrokes monitors new developments in the industry closely and always reacts accordingly. Not only have they been one of the first bookmakers, offering in-play betting and live streams, in a big manner, they were amongst the first providers to allow betting with mobile phones, as well.

Range of offered Bets and Odds

At the moment there is hardly any bookmaker, offering a bigger range of bets, than Ladbrokes. Customers with them can place bets in 45 different categories, on average, ranging from American Football and winter sports to politics and music.

Their offers in the areas of football, horse racing and greyhound racing are very good, like it can be expected of a British bookmaker. In terms of football they are even one of the best bookmakers in the entire industry. Not only do they provide a very huge selection of several international leagues, their range of offered betting possibilities is very large, at that. Additional to special bets they always offer cumulative bets, Lucky 15, Yankee, two way bets out of 4 and three way bets out of 4, as well.

Compared to the competition, Ladbroke’s odds are usually in the upper third. They can generally be described as high.

Especially high rollers will love Ladbrokes. Thanks to the fact that the limit per bet is €10.000, oftentimes even small differences in the odds can cause very lucrative winnings. Upon request, they will raise the maximum limit even higher.

Ladbrokes Mobile

Like mentioned earlier, Ladbrokes always keeps a keen eye on recent developments and acts accordingly. Thus it is not surprising to learn that Ladbrokes was one of the first bookmakers to offer betting with mobile phones.

Although their first tries with WAP mobile phones were not very convincing, a lot has happened, ever since. Thanks to the most recent developments in the mobile market, Ladbrokes Mobile leaves nothing to be desired, now.

Graphics and navigation are very well designed and programmed and it is easy to find ones way around in the vast range of offered bets. Their mobile version mirrors the regular website, exactly, and offers every feature, as well.

Thanks to Ladbrokes Mobile it is now possible to place bets, check on scores, see results and manage ones account from anywhere and at any time.

If during public viewing, in the bar, next door or at home with friends – never before has it been easier to place a bet. Get the mobile phone out, log in, place a bet – done!

Ladbrokes Mobile Android

Mobile Betting Bonus with Ladbrokes Mobile

New customers with Ladbrokes respectively Ladbrokes Mobile can place a free bet of up to 50 €-£. To use this free bet, a minimum deposit of 10 €-£ is required and the bonus code FB50 has to be entered.

Afterwards, a bet of minimum odds of 2.0 has to be placed in the categories football, ice hockey or tennis. Only favorite bets count and the free bet has to be redeemed within 14 days.

Like it is common practice, only the winnings of this free bet can be cashed out.

Ladbrokes Mobile Summary

Summing up everything, Ladbrokes and Ladbrokes Mobile have to offer, it is not surprising to see them amongst the biggest and most successful bookmakers worldwide – everything just works out with them.

The regular website, as well as Ladbrokes Mobile, both convince with minimalistic and highly functional designs. Everything is clearly structured and it is easy to find ones way around.

The range of offered bets is simply astonishing and unmatched. The range of offered betting possibilities is very convincing, as well.

Last but not least, the high odds speak a clear language, as well.

All in all, signing up with Ladbrokes is pretty much obligatory! Their free bet offers a great opportunity to check out their mobile offer, prior to committing.

Here to Ladbrokes Mobile or scan the QR-Code: QR-Code