Interwetten Mobile Review

It was just a matter of time until Interwetten would publish their own version of a mobile branch – and now this time has come: Interwetten Mobile is not just a beta version anymore and finally available for every customer.

Interwetten is from Austria and was one of the first bookmakers ever to offer their services on the internet, as early as 1997. By now, Interwetten has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Due to their good range of offered bets, their high odds and a keen sense for innovations, Interwetten not only managed to obtain a very good reputation, they have a very reliable customer base, as well. Interwetten has more than 500.000 active (!) customers which have been placing bets on more than 100.000 sports events in over 70 countries.

Especially football fans will love Interwetten. Not only is their offered service in this area great, most likely they are the best bookmaker in terms of football, overall. The betting options for every match are vast and most of all, the odds are so very lucrative, that one should always check with Interwetten prior to placing a bet on a football match. Especially worthwhile are underdog bets at Interwetten.

Apart from that, the offered range of sports and bets, as well as their odds are very good. Usually they offer about 30 different kinds of sports to be bet upon. Tennis, Basketball Handball and Formula 1 fans should just be as satisfied, as fans of Football. Other bookmakers, like for instance William Hill and bet365 will maybe offer more in-play bets but Interwettens odds are better, most of the time.

In 2011 they streamed approximately 5.000 live events. This number will rise drastically this year.

Interwetten Mobile

Like mentioned earlier, Interwetten Mobile has left the beta behind and is now offering the entire (!) product range of their website.

Only the layout and navigation have been changed somewhat to better suit the displays of iPhon/iPad and Android, as well as Blackberry smart phones. Navigation is fairly easy and despite the many possible options one will find ones way around very easily, making it possible to place bets with Interwetten Mobile quickly.

Interwetten Mobile Android

Range of offered Bets and Odds

At the moment Interwetten Mobile does not offer a special mobile bonus. New customers can get the 100% bonus of up to €100, which is promoted at the moment on the Interwetten Website, though.

This bonus has very good turnover conditions. It has to be wagered only 5 times with minimum odds of at least 1.7. The bonus amount will be cleared in 5 predetermined steps. At any given time it is possible to withdraw money, without losing the bonus.

Interwetten already announced many promotions, regarding the Euro 2012 and the Olympic Games in London. If those will be only half as lucrative as previous promotions, this will be glorious times for customers with Interwetten.

It should be noted that Betting Mobile has a Facebook Page, as well. A very good source of information for the most recent promotions of the best mobile bookmakers.

Interwetten Mobile Summary

Having a look at the overall impression, left by Interwetten, one can clearly see the reason behind this Austrian bookmakers huge success. The combination of a very good range of offered bets with many betting options and the very high odds, speak for themselves.

Now that their services are finally available on mobile devices, as well, thanks to Interwetten Mobile this bookmaker should see an increase in customers in the near future. And did we mention the very good first deposit bonus?

Here to Interwetten Mobile or scan the QR-Code: QR-Code