Betsafe Mobile Review

Betsafe is a Scandinavian bookmaker, which has established itself to a force to be reckoned, with, ever since they started out in the year of 2006. This is mainly due to their very good range of offered bets and their very attractive odds.

As early as 2010, they already had 500.000 customers in over 100 countries. Thanks to this very fast success, they have been bought by Betsson AB for more than $65 million in the year of 2011 and are now considered one of the heavyweights of the gambling industry.

Range of offered Bets and Odds

It is possible to place bets in approximately 20 different categories, with Betsafe. Every day they offer more than 100 events and up to 2.000 different bets.

Like expected, the variety of bets is best with football. It is possible to bet on a multitude of different leagues, internationally as well as nationally. Oftentimes even offering bets on leagues, as low as third league. In the areas tennis and basketball, the offered bets are satisfying, as well.

Additionally to those sports, Betsafe offers betting on exotic sports like floor ball, futsal, MMA and speedway, as well. Certain restrictions in terms of betting possibilities have to be expected with those kinds of sports, though.

Another category worth mentioning is “Almost Anything”. This is Betsafe’s place for special bets, such as bets on politics, society events and bets on the weather.

In-Play Betting with Betsafe

The first thing, Betsson AB did, after buying Betsafe, was introducing the field of in-play betting.

With the most common sports like football, tennis, basketball and ice hockey, their range of offered bets is already pretty amazing. The other areas are being constantly improved and it can be expected that Betsafe will be very convincing in those areas, as well.

Betsafe Odds

In direct comparison to what the competition has to offer, Betsafe’s odds are only standard. They offer many more betting variations then the rest, though.

Especialy the area of long term bets is unmatched. Not only do they offer many more options, Betsafe also made sure that their odds in this area are better than the ones of the competition.

Betsafe Mobile

Not so long ago it was impossible to place a bet with a mobile phone at Betsafe – ever since May 2012, this lies in the past now.

During the course of the last months, they worked tirelessly on developing a mobile version of their website in order to present it in time for the Euro 2012 and the Olympic Games.

The result is impressive: Betsafe Mobile works perfectly without any problems, at all. The design is very clear and minimalistic, which helps a lot in terms of orientation. It is easy to find ones way around at Betsafe Mobile and it takes only a few clicks to get an overview. The navigation is simple and intuitively assessable. Not even beginners should have a problem with finding and placing the desired bets.

Every category or bet of the regular website can be found at Betsafe Mobile, as well. The odds, as well, are an exact copy of the online original.

To use Betsafe Mobile it is not necessary, to download and install a specific software. Simply accessing the Betsafe website with a smart phone or tablet and logging in with the regular ID, is enough.

New customers can easily open a new account in just a few steps, in order to make use of the entire product range of Betsafe.

Betsafe Mobile for Android

Betsafe Mobile is currently available for iPhone / iPad, Android and Blackberry mobile phones.

Betsafe Mobile Bonus

New customers with Betsafe can get their hands on a 50% first deposit bonus of up to €25. The deposit amount has to be wagered once in a three way multi bet whereas the single bets have to have odds of, at least, 1.1 and the overall odds cannot be higher than 2.0. If it is successful, the bonus will be activated.

Prior to cashing out the bonus it has to be wagered 10 times with odds of, at least, 2.00.

All in all, Betsafe will have to do better than that in terms of bonus because this offer simply does not match the bar, their competition raised. Not only is the bonus to low, the wagering conditions and the activation requirements are too complicated, by far. Definite need for action here, Betsafe!

Betting Mobile Summary

Overall Betsafe is a very good bookmaker in almost any aspect.

The graphics are clear and navigation is very well done. Even beginners should find their way around, easily enough.

The range of offered bets is various and should be well sufficient for most customers. Their odds are satisfying and especially their long term bets should be monitored closely, as they oftentimes provide break away odds.

Only in terms of a bonus they are weakly lined up. It is simply not good, compared to what the competition has to offer.

All in all, Betsafe makes a very good overall impression, though. If they now improve their bonus a little, Betsafe Mobile will take a constant place in the elite of mobile bookmakers.

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