Betfair Mobile Review

Betfair Mobile is a branch of the famous bookmaker Betfair which has completely turned the world of bookmaking upside down, ever since they started out in 1999. Betfair is not a bookmaker in the traditional way. They are more of a betting fair where customers can be bookmakers themselves.

The odds are simply determined by supply and demand (Back and Lay). Some customers will offer odds, others will accept. Thanks to this system, more often than not Betfair offers odds, which cannot be met by any competitor. In the year of 2011, for example overall odds have been 9% higher at Betfair than they have been with the other bookmakers. In the area of Horse Racing in England even 24% (!) higher.

It should be noted that Betfair will take a provision of 2-5% on every bet, which has been won. With the overall higher odds, this should not be a problem, though.

Not only the odds speak in Betfairs favor, the range of offered bets can keep up with most competitors, as well. Usually it is possible to place beets in more than 40 different categories. For instance, they offer sports like American Football, Cricket, MMA and Water Polo but also events like politics, TV shows, academy awards and much more. The differend betting options are unequaled, at that. A football match for instance oftentimes has more than 40 (!) different betting options.

In the area of in-play betting and live streaming, Betfair scores again. The offered choice of live events is always very huge, most of the time even covering the event with a live stream.

Unsurprisingly, Betfair counts more than 3 Million customers, so far – thanks to Betfair Mobile it will be a lot more, soon.

Betfair Mobile

Betfair Mobile finally makes access to the betting fair possible from everywhere. Betfair has adapted their entire product range for mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. The design is very good and it is possible to find ones way around quickly, making it easy to find the desired event and bet in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to Betfair Mobile it is possible to place Back and Lay bets, in-play bets, check on scores or control results from underway, now.

At the moment they are offering the mobile versions for iPhone and iPad, as well as for Andrid and Blackbarry smart phones. Differences in the design are only marginal – the product, is always the same.

Betfair Mobile Android

Risk Free Bet up to €20

New customers get a risk free bet of up to €20 when signing up with Betfair Mobile. All one has to do is, place a bet of at least €20. If the amount is lost, Betfair will instantly refund the amount up to €20.

The special deal: This amount can be withdrawn instantly without any turnover conditions, at all – a bet without risk, entirely.

Betfair Mobile Summary

All in all, Betfair Mobile is a bookmaker which should be in every gambler’s mobile portfolio. Not only the odds are unequaled, the offered range of bets and betting options is very impressive, as well.

Thanks to the fact that the customers are bookmakers as well with Betfair it is always worth to check out their odds. Only this way one can be sure not to miss out on any good deal, which is oftentimes only listed for a short period. Thanks to Betfair Mobile this should be no problem anymore.

The risk free bet without turnover conditions, just imkproves the overall positive impression.

Note: Betting Mobile recommends to keep an eye on the offered bets and odds, in terms of the upcoming mega events Euro 2012 and the Olympic Games in London. In the past those where especially attractive, lucrative and much higher than with the competition.

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